We are so excited to be able to help more people and we thank everyone who is willing to help out!

We are almost at 385 wells in Tanzania and a little over 1020 in Ghana!

New Picture On Facebook From Tanzania

*UPDATED 12.02.15 Since September of 2006 we have drilled over 1020 wells in Ghana and over 385 in Tanzania! We have over 30 miles of water pipeline and been able to serve clean water to almost 1,000,000. people!

These people have been getting water from the river forever getting many diseases such as The Guinea Worm & River Blindness.We have a rig drilling everyday and local people are helping make that happen. Many friends and some organizations have given money from the heart. Most of the money comes from God through our race horses and their winnings. We hope to continue drilling to help many more people!

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